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HydroFlow Water Bottle Pump & Stand

HydroFlow Water Bottle Pump & Stand

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Product Size: 27*28*22.5 cm/10.62*11.02*8.85 inches
Material: high quality iron pipe + PP
Color: Grey

Packing List: Stand*1 + Faucet*1

DETACHABLE DESIGN: This purified water bucket rack with faucet has a detachable design, which makes it easy for users to disassemble and clean, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and odour.
STABLE SUPPORT: The rack is designed with sturdy structure, which can firmly support the bucket to avoid collapsing or sliding, ensuring safe and stable use.
TAP DESIGN: Equipped with an easy-to-use tap to control the water flow easily, no need to buy an extra tap, pouring water more conveniently and quickly.
QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high quality material, durable, not easy to deform, can be a long time without damage or leakage problems.
Simple appearance: simple and generous design, suitable for a variety of home styles, not only practical, but also enhance the overall

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